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Office & Commercial Interior Design

A healthy, well-designed office environment correlates with increased productivity, staff happiness and can be pleasing on the eye. However there is more to office interior design than aesthetics. Even the smallest details can make a big difference to an office space and this is where Gapcomm come in: we have over 20 years of experience in all things office and commercial interior design, office planning and installation. Our office design team will assess and develop your space as a whole, leaving no area untouched, including workstations, lunchrooms and boardrooms.

The most common physical factors which, when assessed and improved, can make a significant difference to office design include:

Office space - you may unknowingly be using too much or too little room, which can create a cramped work area, or excessive distance between workstations. We will optimise the floor space to workstation ratio, ensuring employees are not too close together or too far apart, and apply this system to the lunchroom and other communal areas.

Office furniture - nobody likes to be uncomfortable at work, and office furniture is usually the prime suspect. Sore necks and backs or stiff shoulders are indicators of poorly-designed office furniture, and this can lead to reduced employee efficiency. We supply a range of comfortable, innovative office furniture which is designed to minimise injury and promote productivity, including standing/sitting desks and ergonomic seating and accessories.

Workstations - can be open or closed, round or square, single or grouped - the options are almost endless. In some offices, workstations provide privacy to employees; in others they can be collaborative and functional. We will assess your business type and activities and help choose the ideal workstations to optimise your office environment for you staff to enjoy.

Branding - incorporating your company’s branding and values into your office design can give an office space a feeling of being a home away from home and employees a sense of belonging.

Our office interior design team leaves no stone unturned, and we focus on the small things that can improve your office environment in a big way, including:

Light - you do not need to be stuck with the default lighting that came with your office when you first moved in. There are many different lighting options, including natural, artificial, white, yellow and more.

Colour - this can be a tricky one; you need to have a happy medium of your preferred colours and your branding colours while keeping your employees happy. Research has shown bright colours are preferable over neutrals, however an office which only features bright colours may be counter-productive, so a balance between neutral and bright colours may be preferred.

Noise - nobody likes excessive noise when they are trying to concentrate at work. The optimal noise level equates to around 40-50 decibels, or the equivalent of a bird tweeting. Office structure and estimates of sound amplification are factors we take into account when designing your office.

Temperature - most people will have experienced an office, shop or house that is too hot or cold, where you have to wear extra layers or take some off to try to get comfortable. Our interior design team can incorporate temperature control into your office design planning, where air conditioner types and placement are assessed to ensure your room temperature is balanced and comfortable for all.

For more information or a quote, call the commercial interior design team at Gapcomm today on 1300 073 379.