“Design is where science & art break even” – Robin Mathew

Gapcomm Projects have over twenty years of experience in office interior design, planning and installation.

Our Sydney-based, multi-faceted team of commercial interior designers and project managers specialise in commercial office interior design and all things office related.

We will visit your business and asses your office space in its entirety (including workstations, lunchrooms and boardrooms), leaving no area untouched, because we know that a healthy, well-designed office environment contributes to employee workplace satisfaction and promotes increased productivity.

Unlike other service providers, Gapcomm Project’s office interior design team go to the effort of working collaboratively with our clients to understand exactly how your business functions, so that we can successfully put forward an office design that incorporates all your fitout and design requirements – thus ensuring your satisfaction.

You can be certain that our commercial office planning team will develop a concept based on your needs and ensure that your office fitout is constructed as efficiently as possible, in keeping with your requested time-frame and allocated budget.

Some of the key areas we can assess with a view to improving your office design and functionality include:

Office layout – we can optimise the floor space to workstation ratio, ensuring employees are not too close together or too far apart, and extend this application to the lunchroom and other communal areas.

Office furniture – we can supply a range of comfortable, innovative office furniture, which is designed to promote productivity and minimise the chance of injury (including standing/sitting desks and ergonomic seating and accessories).

Workstations – we can help you choose the ideal workstations to optimise your office environment, ensuring employee satisfaction. We can also incorporate your company’s branding and values into your office interior design to provide your employees with a homely feeling and create a sense of belonging.

Office lighting and colour scheme – you do not need to be stuck with the default lighting that came with your office when you first moved in. We can install many different lighting options depending on your work environment (including natural, artificial, white or yellow) and work with you to find the perfect colour scheme suitable for your working environment, creating the perfect balance between neutral and bright colour palettes to ensure a healthy flow of productivity.

Noise control – office structure and sound amplification are factors we take into account when designing your office. We can use soundproofing walls and the strategic placement of doors and partitions to give you some control over the acoustic aspects of your office layout.

Temperature control – our team can also incorporate temperature control into your office interior design, by assessing air conditioner types and placement to make sure your room temperature is balanced and comfortable for all employees.

At Gapcomm Projects, we strive to make sure that every aspect of your office space promotes a healthy and thriving environment which is stylish, employee friendly and conducive to productivity.

For more information on how our commercial interior design team can help you maximise the potential of your office environment, contact us on 1300 073 379.

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